Educational concept

Esat meets West


Whole person education

Integrating knowledge and practice

SIAS K-12 Basic Education Research & Development Center

SIAS K-12 Basic Education Research & Development Center is a subsidiary of SIAS Group (China), which founded the SIAS International University in 1998. SIAS Group (China) is committed visionaries concentrating on education, science and technology. 

SIAS K-12 Education provides a unique opportunity for individualized learning based on academic rigor and the development of the whole child. Our students are well prepared to be life ready innovative leaders with strong independent, creative and critical thinking skills.  

SIAS K-12 currently has four LIM schools: three kindergarten schools serving 3-5 year-old students, one elementary school serving 6-12 year-old students and pursuing several additional opportunities to open schools to support student learning. Strong partnerships are important to SIAS with several successful relationships with the local government, SIAS International K-12 School, and other local and International education agencies.

Sias Education Center for International Exchange

Sias Education Center for International Exchange is part of Sias Group China. With the vision of “Make you closer to the world” and the mission of “develop Chinese and foreign cultural and education”, our main projects are custom travel, cultural exchanges, business exhibitions and foreign experts recruitment.

Sias Driving School

Sias Driving School was jointly founded by Sias University and Sias Education Management Co. Ltd. It is the key experimental driving school of the comprehensive reform of the Henan Provincial Department of Transportation.

The school is located on the north side of the CUBA Training Center of Sias University  and covers an area of more than 220 acres. The school has more than 180 full-time coaches and more than 150 work cars of various functions. To build the school involves two phases. The completion of the first phase will complete a 70-acre training ground and an examination simulation test site. The second phase of the project will include subject examinations, 4D simulations and an office reception comprehensive service hall.

Sias International Kindergarten

Sias International Kindergarten upholds the educational concept of “East Meets West: Integrating Knowledge and Practice” of Sias University, and continues the eight-year experience of Sias International Kindergarten Xinzheng Campus in educational management. It is committed to cultivating "highly effective" world leaders who are “forward thinking, academically minded people with international mentalities". Sias International Kindergarten focuses on children's psychological construction, emotional development, physical literacy, social awareness, cognitive paths and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, teamwork, artistic aesthetics, and other aspects to start, in order to cultivate the comprehensive development of children.

SIAS International Kindergarten follows the concept of NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), the world's recognized authority for early childhood education: kindergartens should meet the physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs of all children and adults involved in the process of early childhood education, including parents, staff and managers, and promote the institute. Members' self-development provides a supportive environment for young children to become healthy, intelligent and contributive members of society. In 2016, Sias International Kindergarten became members of NAEYC and accepted their guidance and criteria for assessment and evaluation.

Sias International School Introduction

Sias International School is located in Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District, which is the capital of Henan Province and sits at the “center of heaven and earth” at the location of Beilong Lake. Our school will offer K-12 education to foreign passport holders. The vision is to attract students from around the world who will respect western and eastern methodologies and understand the commonalities and the differences of both cultures and utilize the strengths of each to create a well-balanced future leader. Academic excellence, entrepreneurial mindset and leadership training will ensure Sias International School students are successful.  The infusion of STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math in Project Based and Service Learning environment will provide real life learning inside and outside of the classroom. Students will gain a genuine belief that holistic education paired with academic rigor ensures balanced world citizens with global competence in the 21st Century.

Franklin Covey

For nearly three decades, FranklinCovey Education, a division of FranklinCovey, has been one of the world’s most prominent and trusted providers of educational leadership programs and transformational processes. Their mission is to enable greatness in students, teachers, and schools everywhere. The FranklinCovey Education team is primarily composed of outstanding former teachers and administrators from various educational levels, and those from organizations that share a belief in and commitment to helping students reach their potential, improving school culture, and increasing school effectiveness. Zhengzhou Sias Education Management Co., Ltd. is the only authorized partner and agent of Franklin Covey Company in Henan Province.