Project Introduction

Sias Beverage

The Sias Purified Water Company is located at the North Campus of Sias University . It covers an area of 900 square meters and is part of the Sias Group China. It was completed in July 2015. The Sias Purified Water Company uses the leading international standard and production equipment to take underground 406 meters deep water source to produce high quality purified water. The Sias Purified Water Company is currently responsible for the production and distribution of Sias purified water, and has be dedicated to serving the surrounding area of Xinzheng and pushing Sias purified water to the national market as a goal.

As a school-run enterprise, Sias Purified Water Company always adheres to the philosophy of “contributing excellent service quality, building a well-known service brand and pursuing excellent service taste”, and takes “high water quality, low price and good service” as its motto. Provide a “safe, hygienic and assured” source of drinking water for customers.

Sias Palace Mansion

Sias Palace is the first Frence palace developed by sias group(China). With the vision of building a beautiful life in the international perspective, it uses the science and technology, humanities and green conception  to build academic international housing. The project is located at the intersection of Xinzheng CLD New and Old Towns, Jiefang Road and College Road on the venue of the university. Sias Palace is situated on the full resource chain of Sias International College which is only one wall away from Sias International College. It enjoys the multi-supporting facilities of sports field, golf course, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool and so on.  The K-12 one-stop elite education system is planned to introduce the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) attached to the primary school to give children more possibilities in the future.